Monday, May 12, 2008

Snack #32- Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Chips Buffalo Bleu

Kettle Brand Krinkle Cut Chips Buffalo Bleu

These chips were slightly disappointing, mostly because they don’t seem to have a strong flavor at all. The package says “BRAZEN spice mellowed by bleu cheese”, but it is hard to detect much spice or bleu cheese in them. On some of the chips there is a slight taste of chili, which is the claim the bag makes, but I do not taste any bleu cheese and they definitely wouldn’t be considered a spicy snack. Every once in a while a chip comes around with more flavoring and maybe they could be considered mildly spicy. The texture is nice and crunchy though, in general I like Kettle brand but they often seem to make bold claims that their chips can’t stand up to.

Rating: 0.5/10

Bottom Line: Not spicy, not tangy, not very flavored at all.

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Anonymous said...

i like these new up close chip pics