Friday, May 9, 2008

Snack #28- Utz Red Hot flavored Potato Chips

Utz Red Hot flavored Potato Chips

After not having spicy chips in a little while, these were a nice bag to return to the job with. They are very thin and crispy with a nice texture, just a really classic potato chip. They initially taste slightly sweet, like a barbeque chip, but get hotter after the initial flavor hits your palate. The one problem with these chips is that they really seem to vary in flavor and hotness. Some are much hotter than others, and the orange spice mix is visibly unevenly distributed over the chips. Most seem to be flavored on one side only. The natural flavor of the potato chip comes through the spices because of the uneven spicing, which is actually pretty nice and unusual. Overall they have a mildly spicy aftertaste, but the texture is really the nicer part of these chips.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 3.5/10

Bottom Line: Somewhat spicy, but very crispy.

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Anonymous said...

they r amazing im hooked!!