Friday, May 9, 2008

Snack #30- Herr's Jalapeno Potato Chips

Herr's Jalapeno Potato Chips

When I opened the bag of these, at first I thought they were just regular potato chips because there is little discernable seasoning on the outside. But when I thought about it, that is a nice change from the typical barbecue red and orange artificial seasoning on most of the spicy chip varieties. This chip is not hiding behind a color, instead it is just packing in the flavor. They definitely taste like jalapeno and green bell pepper with a hint of onion, which I assume are the flavors in the little green specks on the chips. They also really taste like potato chips with a light seasoning, which is good. I've decided it is nice when a chip tastes like a potato chip with spices added, not like a crispy piece of spice. Ridged potato chips are also always good for flavors because they can have more flavor into each chip. These chips are not the crunchiest I've ever had, they are a little thicker than regular potato chips. They also unfortunately are not very spicy. They have a really strong jalapeno flavor, but the heat is fairly subtle. These chips also come in the convenient one serving size, which must be a feature of the Herr's company and really prevents extreme intake of spicy chips.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 3/10

Bottom Line: Super jalapeno flavor on a ruffly potato chip.

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