Saturday, August 22, 2009

Snack #97- 7 Select Kettle Style Potato Chips Fiery Habanero

7 Select Kettle Style Potato Chips Fiery Habanero

First point of business: yes, these are 7-Eleven brand spicy chips- a true gourmet purchase. But, apparently I spoke too soon, because these are SPICY. I took a tiny nibble of these and it was seriously an explosion of heat in my mouth. These are the classic one-two punch of mouth and throat burn. They even have a slight lip burn and are mildly sweat-inducing. They are nice and crispy, and little thinner than a typical kettle chip, more like a hybrid of a regular chip and a kettle chip. The ingredients list chile peppers including habanero and it is difficult to distinguish any specific pepper flavor but it doesn’t matter because they are so spicy. They are a cornucopia of spicy flavors.
(as a side note: the photo of these chips was somehow lost in the mix...but you'll just have to trust us that these looked like regular kettle chips)

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 8.5/10
Bottom Line: SO FIERY.

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