Friday, August 7, 2009

Snack #95 - Inka Corn Roasted Corn Chile Picante

Inka Corn Roasted Corn Chile Picante

Despite having bought these at a gourmet food store, I still didn’t have very high expectations for these. And I was…not disappointed? They are weak in flavor, overly crunchy, and don’t taste anything like roasted corn. I don’t know why the package claims ‘light crunch’…a better tagline would be ‘extreme crunch’. Sometimes they have a faint flavor of popcorn kernels, like when you don’t have any real popcorn left and are forced to chew on the leftover bits to satisfy some remaining snack cravings. They have a hint of peppery flavor but it’s nothing unique or distinct. The only positive is the novelty factor because as stated on the package, this snack is made of Giant Corn! I’ve never seen corn kernels this big without being popped and I marvel at the genetics feat that created such huge corn. In all probability they are not exactly natural or sustainable treats but they are funny looking.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 1/10
Bottom Line: Funny shapes…lame flavor.

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jenn said...

there is corn that big