Monday, June 16, 2008

Snack #42- Diana Jalapeños Tortillas Chips

Diana Jalapeños Tortillas Chips

These tortilla chips taste like a combination between unseasoned tortilla chips and Doritos. They have a pretty natural tasting cheddar flavor as well as a very distinguishable jalapeño flavor. They are very crunchy for tortilla chips, a little thicker than typical North American ones, a hearty yellow tortilla chip. The flavor overall is very pleasing, but there is one distinct problem with these chips: they are not spicy at all. There is just no heat to the jalapeno flavor, which is disappointing for a spicy snack blog. But they are still pretty delicious, the flavoring is lighter than chips like Doritos but they can still be eaten alone as a flavorful snack without a dip. The Diana brand is made in El Salvador so it will be interesting to if spicy snacks from different areas of Central America have different heat levels or typical spice ingredients.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 0/10
Bottom Line: Tasty cheddar jalapeño tortilla chips but absolutely no heat.


Anonymous said...

these are my favorite chips...did u try to mix them with lemon juice? i love to eat them like that, but just a few people enjoy them with lemon juice and their favorite hot sauce (because as u said they are not spicy at all)...give them a try like that you might like them.

Anonymous said...

This are my favorite chips too!
I eat them with lemon juice and jalapeño.... yummy...
Nice to eat them when you are watching a movie :)

Sheryl said...

its my favorite too and also with lemon juice XD