Friday, June 6, 2008

Snack #40- New York Style Pita Chips Spicy Three Pepper

New York Style Pita Chips Spicy Three Pepper

If you like pepper, and you like refried beans, then you will like these pita chips. They basically taste like spicy refried beans, which makes sense because they actually have pinto beans in the spice mix. They are moderately spicy, with a spice that hits you in the beginning and stays in your mouth for a little while after you eat them. The heat also builds up and overall the flavor is pretty strong. They actually have a fairly bean-y flavor, which seems like it could compliment hummus well. It's a pretty unusual taste, similar to the other pita chips tested, but unlike all the potato chip flavors tested. They are similar to a pita chip, fairly thick and crunchy, but actually they seem to be more like a cracker than actually made of pita bread. The flavor of the pita, if it exists, is overwhelmed by the other spices.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 5.5/10

Bottom Line: Tasty southwestern spices in a crunchy baked chip


Anonymous said...

Hey Hot Chip Eatin' Chicks--i would love your review of Kettle's Spicy Thai™ Chips!
According to their site---"ginger with ATTITUDE
Kettle has taken Thai cuisine’s and put it on a chip!"

zesty lexy said...

Those are some of my favorite spicy chips. Don't worry a review is coming soon!

zesty lexy said...
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