Monday, July 25, 2011

Snack #172- Diego’s Red Chile Potato Chips New Mexico Style

Diego’s Red Chile Potato Chips New Mexico Style

These chips are a basic thin potato chip that is not super crispy and a little mushy in the mouth.  The flavor is clearly red chile but unfortunately there isn’t much else to say.  There is no other flavor besides the dry chile heat except for an extremely liberal application of salt.  With the combination of salt and one-note red chile flavoring these snacks are not very tasty and there isn’t any real appeal to make you want to keep eating them.  The heat is immediate with the more flavor-coated chips and it isn’t necessary to eat a whole bunch of them to taste it but if you want a crave-worthy spicy snack you should definitely skip these.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 5/10
Bottom Line: Decently hot but not very yummy.


Lisa Tabet-Chavez said...

I actually LOVE these. The only place I can find them is at Walgreens and they are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Just tried these for the first time. Was drawn to it because of the Habanero, as I like spicy foods. Unfortunately, these chips were loaded with sodium. OMG salt, salt, salt. If you have high blood pressure stay away from these. If you don't have it, these chips will drive you there. Awful, Awful, Awful!!!