Friday, December 31, 2010

Snack #141- New York Style Risotto Chips Spicy Marinara Flavor

New York Style Risotto Chips Spicy Marinara Flavor

Risotto chips are something new that I’ve never seen before- the latest craze following all the bagel chips and pita chips. These have the texture of thin SunChips but they taste a little more like rice and a little less like a typical corn chip. The seasoning is supposed to taste like “fresh tomato with a kick” but I have to say that they don’t really taste like much. They have a little tomato powder thrown on with a bit of salsa flavor. In fact, these taste way more like a burrito than like a plate of risotto and marinara. Too much pepper, bean, and paprika flavoring and not enough fresh tomato taste. But then again, I haven’t had too many spicy marinara sauces in my life so maybe they all taste like spicy salsa and I just don’t know it. In any case, I think these would be good for dipping in hummus or something but the spice, and overall flavor, is lacking.
Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 1.5/10
Bottom Line: Salsa flavored chips made out of rice…

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