Monday, April 19, 2010

Snack #118- Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Ranch

Cheetos Mighty Zingers Ragin’ Cajun & Tangy Ranch

The two flavors in these Cheetos are pretty distinct and pretty tasty. The milder ones are ranch flavored and the ranch is pretty sweet but only a little tangy. They are super onion flavored though. The ‘Cajun’ zinger tastes more the buffalo flavor than what we think of as classic Cajun flavor. These are mostly just buffalo and blue cheese flavored Cheetos but with a jazzed up name. They are flavorful and crunchy though and the combination goes well together although the Cajun Cheetos overpower the ranch ones in a mouthful. The ranch snacks aren’t spicy but the Cajun ones packed a bit of a tongue punch and induced nose-watering. Overall, these are more exciting than the other Zingers combo we tested and a pretty satisfying snack.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 4.5/10

Bottom Line: Tasty hot and cool snack combo.

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CheeseSticks said...

I love the combination of a crunchy snack with a cheesy flavor. Spicy is great - cheese is also delicious with certain herbs. Add a glass of wine and it's total bliss.