Friday, March 19, 2010

Snack #110- Bugles Hot Buffalo Corn Snacks

Bugles Hot Buffalo Corn Snacks
So generally I enjoy Bugles. They are nice and light and crispy and have a fun shape. These Bugles have those same characteristics but with the addition of spice. The flavor is called Hot Buffalo but honestly they just taste soaked in hot sauce and not really distinctly buffalo flavored. The initial flavor is pretty sweet but the heat comes through strongly after a second. The spice mostly hides the buttery corn taste of Bugles, which is my favorite thing about Bugles, but in general they still retain the fun crisp. The flavor is definitely spicy from the first snack and burns the tongue and the throat. I wish the flavor was a little more like a buffalo wing and less straight hot sauce but these aren’t disappointing. In fact I have continued to eat them while writing this review and I am really enjoying them.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 5/10
Bottom Line: Spicy Bugles.


Rob said...

Good article. Dig the concept for the site. It's actually very similar to something I'm trying to do on my site, and I'd like to talk about some cross promoting.

Is there a way to contact the people on this site? I'm on Twitter @GuysNation. You could send me a DM there if you have it, or an email at

Anonymous said...

Me and my wife love the buffalo flavored bugles. No one in are area carrys them anymore. I hope there ddiscontinuing them?