Thursday, October 30, 2008

Snack #69- Buenachos Salsapeño flavored Tortilla Chips

Buenachos Salsapeño flavored Tortilla Chips

Salsapeño is a clever play on words that I'm surprised has never been used in the States before. These Dorito-type snacks have a very strong corn flavor which hits you immediately when you start eating them. The flavor itself is very bland and hard to distinguish from the tortilla chip itself. Surprisingly though, these chips do pack a punch. The jalapeño flavor comes through fairly stong after the corn flavor subsides and leaves a sort of bitter heat in the mouth. It's not actually a very pleasant flavor, although less artificial than many of the sweeter jalapeño flavors in many chips. The heat is mostly in the aftertaste and builds up over time. I'm actually impressed, these are the spiciest chips I've managed to find in all of Costa Rica, apart from imported American brands. Maybe there is hope after all for continuing this blog for an entire year.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 3.5/10
Bottom Line: Spicy chips! (well, in Costa Rican terms)


Audrey Aria-bima said...

have you ever tried
flamin' hot funyuns?
umm.. i'm craving it right now.
ooh, and another thing, it's hot and spicy.
if you already did, sorry i haven't read all your posts.

Anonymous said...

eagerly awaiting more ideas for the best hot n spicy chips. your reviews are awesome!

Anonymous said...

we want more!!

zesty lexy said...

Flamin' Hot Funyuns sound unreal. The spicy chicks have not crossed paths with these yet, but rest assured, when we do they will be reviewed!

zesty lexy said...
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