Monday, April 21, 2008

Snack #18- Mike-sell's Groovy Good 'n Hot flavored Potato Chips

Mike-sell's Groovy Good 'n Hot flavored Potato Chips

Hot!! These are seriously hot, and delicious. Mike-sell's seems to be a great brand overall, they never lie on their bags and always follow through on their claims. Good 'n Hot...our thoughts exactly. They burn the tongue, make the eyes water, and you just don't want to stop. They have a very distinct chili powder flavor, and are slightly sweet. Very light and crispy chip, especially compared to all the kettle chips we've been eating recently. Overall very satisfying for a spicy chip lover.

Rating on the Spice-O-Meter: 8/10

Bottom Line: Good 'n Hot, the name took the words right out of our mouth

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Pastor Brian said...

Hello, ladies. I am new to Blogger, and I recently stumbled upon your blog. I am really enjoying it. I love spicy snacks and I'm always looking for something new and different. I've added a link to your blog on mine, because I know I have some friends that will be interested also. Keep cranking up the Spice-O-Meter. Peace. Pastor Brian